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Changes that help Small Business and Entrepreneurs.

Posted by:Charles Bosse

5th February 2016 – By Charles Bosse Do you know how much Going Bankrupt in Australia is changing? The Australian Government at the end of 2015 suggested some underlying changes to the Bankruptcy Laws in Australia. One of the most significant of these is the length of time that a person is bankrupt for. Now,…

Going Bankrupt in Australia – Choices, Choice, Choices.

Posted by:Charles Bosse

When it comes down to Going Bankrupt in Australia, there are a lot of options that we get given depending on who we are, who we speak with, and exactly what has gone wrong. The most common confusion I see with Going Bankrupt is when it comes to choosing between Debt Consolidation, Personal Insolvency Agreements,…

Going Bankrupt – Are you going to get bitten?

Posted by:Charles Bosse

When people in Australia ask me about Going Bankrupt, I tell them the time-honored Native American Fable of the little boy and the Rattlesnake. An old rattlesnake asks a passing young boy to carry him to the mountain top to see one last sunset before he passes away. The boy was reluctant, but the rattlesnake…

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