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Just wanted to say thanks for seriously changing our lives

Posted by:Charles Bosse onFebruary 24, 2017

It was only 1 month ago I was working away in the mines for 3 weeks at a time, making a lot of money, but for the last 2 and a half years missing out on seeing our little girl grow up and putting massive stress on my wife as it was like she was a single parent. My girl was playing up and my wife’s depression was getting worse and worse, only to be covered up by stronger pills from her doctor.

Financially things were pretty good, new cars, overseas trips and investment properties… The problem was, the more I earnt, the more debt we accumulated. Credit cards, personal loans, multiple mortgages… If I didn’t continue working away for the next 5-7 years then we would never pay it off, but if I didn’t book special trips away to enjoy with my family then what’s the point of working away??

When my wife called me and said enough was enough, she wanted me home, we had to make a decision… Work away from my family, miss out on my daughter growing up and just scrape by for the next 7 years? Or find a normal job back at home, not have enough money each week and potentially go bankrupt?

I tell you what, I would rather go bankrupt for 3 years then get divorced and loose everything for ever! The answer was obvious…

We started to do some investigation on bankruptcy.

Surprisingly enough, we came across a lot of information explaining the process of bankruptcy and found out I could go bankrupt, keep our family home, the new car and I could still earn $75K per year. What??! How does that work?

I thought if you go bankrupt you loose everything??! That’s when we decided to call Charles and actually speak to a real person who could help us run through the process.

After confirming this with Charles, it was only natural to feel slightly sceptical, but Charles assured us that I was the only one that needed to go bankrupt, my wife wouldn’t be involved, we would keep the house and car, and I could come home for good and live a normal life with my family without having the stress of meeting all of our repayments every week. Obviously we would still have to keep paying the mortgage and car loan, but with both of us working that was fine.

At that stage I was starting to get a few phone calls from my creditors asking why my payments were late and when I could fix them up. Not my favourite sort of phone call to take every day.

So we agreed to do it, I filled out some paperwork, sent it to Charles and within a few days I received a phone call confirming my details and my bankruptcy. No one hassled me or questioned me, none of our friends or family needs to know and no one is calling me asking for money. The process was so simple its actually funny!

Now it’s not all great news, obviously I’m bankrupt for 3 years and I have a black mark on my name for 7 years, but I tell you what… I haven’t been happier in years! At the moment all I need to work is 4-5 days a week, and its enough to cover normal living expenses. I’m at home every night, our daughter has calmed down and is behaving better, my wife’s depression is significantly better, she can go out with her friends and be social for a change and I can go surfing 3 or 4 times a week. We haven’t been this free since we got together 7 years ago, its honestly changed our life! We’re even saving again… we haven’t saved money since I got my first mortgage 6 years ago.

At the end of the day, bankruptcy is not something I planned on ever doing, and If I knew it’d come to this I definitely wouldn’t have got into more debt over the years…

But if its enabled me to be with my family every day, keep our home and save my marriage, then if you’re in a similar position as I was, then id highly recommend calling Charles and having a chat to see he can help you too.

Anonymous family man with a life!

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