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Top Things You Should NOT Do Prior to Going Bankrupt

Posted by:Charles Bosse

Lots of bills? Too much debt? Not nearly enough money? Lots of people struggle financially at some point in their lives. Uncontrolled events like hospitalisation, job loss, and also divorce, can seriously affect your financial situation. But, when there is no other way to effectively control your debts, some people are forced to file for…

Signs You May Want To Consider Bankruptcy

Posted by:Charles Bosse

Personal bankruptcy is never the ideal position to be in, however lots of individuals find relief in dealing with their financial troubles and starting afresh. Nobody is perfect, and people make mistakes. But a lot of individuals avoid filing for bankruptcy for far too long. They choose to ignore the elephant in the room and…

Bankruptcy Advice – Filing For Bankruptcy and Divorce

Posted by:Charles Bosse

Everybody goes through strenuous times in their life. Losing a job, major illness, and unplanned pregnancies are just a handful of these. A leading reason why these situations are so stressful is because financial problems are often accompanied with them. In most cases, financial troubles are the leading cause of divorce, and on the contrary,…

5 Tips For Repaying Your Christmas Debt

Posted by:Charles Bosse

For most people, Christmas is considered the most jubilant time of year for both young and old. We all are ecstatic to finish the year of work or school and spend some quality time with family and friends. They don’t refer to it as the silly season for nothing either. Eating and spending too much…

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