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February 23, 201710

Malaysian Airlines and Bankruptcy.

Posted by:Charles Bosse onFebruary 23, 2017

The future of Malaysian Airlines is unclear after another very public and devastating tragedy struck the airline last week when flight MH17, was shot down over eastern Ukraine last week. The airline was already struggling prior to Flight MH370 disappeared back in March. The company is in talks with a number of different parties including the unions to try and prevent bankruptcy. That combined with ticket refunds and reduced ticket pricing to try and stay solvent are some of the strategies that the airline is doing to pay its bills, its difficult to be optimistic for the airlines future, it needs a serious equity injection if it is going to survive.

Every business large or small can have set-backs and things that go horribly wrong, as the business environment is already very competitive it doesn’t take much to have the numbers go south. In a heart beat a business owner can find themselves running a business that has once been quite profitable to just viable and then very quickly insolvent. Knowing what to do when that happens for most business owners is not easy. Getting the right advice is the key here.

Generally if you are running a business and you find yourself just working for your suppliers or just to pay your staff and you are slowly going backwards the hardest thing to do is STOP! The best advice I could give anyone that finds themselves in this position is this; “The sooner you can stop this slide down the road to insolvency the more options you will have” If you let things get too bad you won’t have any options at all, a creditor or the ATO will take action against you and then you will be forced into bankruptcy or liquidation on someone else’s time frame. The last thing you want is to let someone shut you down, a voluntary bankruptcy or liquidation is a very different experience to being forced down that path by a creditor.

If you are trying to decide what to do with all your debts whether they are personal or through your business or if your are thinking may you should go bankrupt or just liquidate your company give us a call on 1300 818 575, and we will help you through the process with a no obligation free consultation.

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