Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround

Has your business got cashflow issues? Is it burdened with a large ATO debt? Do you need some independent advice on understanding financial strategies, such as re-financing, liquidation, administration, insolvency and winding up petitions? Looking for a company you can trust to help you during this stressful time? Our expert team are willing and able to help now!

Fresh Start Solutions is a team of business recovery experts that provide help and advice to companies in financial difficulty.

Our main objective is to help recover such organisations and get them back on track. If this isn’t possible, we can offer other alternatives.

The business recovery strategy we recommend will depend on your company’s circumstance at the time of contacting us. We will explore all options by analysing various parts of your business. This includes analysing cashflows, structures, processes, objectives and targets. This helps us to establish whether your company is sustainable and viable, or whether it can become so again in the future.

Bankrupt, Declaring Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy
Bankrupt, Bankruptcy, Declaring Bankruptcy

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